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Moore Moving carries full liability insurance. Our relocation consultants will be more than happy to explain all the details necessary for your peace of mind.

The following coverage options are available:

1. Certificate of Liability (C.O.L) $1 million worth of building coverage. Check with your building Management and your agent if proof is required prior to the move, We will be happy to provide a C.O.L.

2. Valuation Cargo Coverage This coverage is included at no additional cost; it provides you with the industry standard of 30 Cents per pound per article for local moving and 60 Cents per pound per article for long distance, with total shipment caps of $2500.00.

3. Full replacement Value or Itemized Value protection plan To avoid a conflict of interest and for the best coverage of your valuables, moore moving chooses to have third party insurance companies who are experts in their field; we have several very reliable options. Please call or log into their web sites.

* You may also choose to contact your Home Owners insurance policy agent to inquire about coverage.


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